If you opened this web page, you must be curious about psychology or psychological services for yourself or for someone you care about. This may be a confusing time for you; you may be asking yourself whether to pursue psychotherapy at all, whether it will be helpful, who to turn to or what kind of psychotherapy will be most helpful for your specific problem.

To help you make the important decision about pursuing psychotherapy, it will be helpful to ask yourself the following questions*:
• Am I able to use my talents?
• Am I effective and productive?
• Do I take pleasure in life activities or in accomplishing things?
• Am I able to sustain meaningful, mutually loving relationships with genuine intimacy?
• Am I able to appropriately express my feelings towards others?
• Am I able to express love and empathy or be nurturing to others?
• Am I able to assert myself appropriately when I need to?
• Am I able to tolerate all my feelings, positive and negative?
• Can I express my thoughts and feelings in words?
• Do I feel comfortable in social situations?

If you answered “no” to one of these questions, you may consider psychotherapy.

Anxiety, depression, guilt, childhood trauma, unresolved experiences of loss, abandonment, or betrayal, are only a few possible explanations for what may stand in your way of achieving a sense of self-fulfillment, a sense of security, and satisfying relationships. Through psychotherapy, you can learn more about your feelings and thoughts, as well as gain a better understanding of yourself and the underlying issues which compromise your ability to get what you need and optimally use your potential. As psychotherapy unfolds, these issues can be effectively worked through to ease their grip over your emotional well being, enabling you to gain better control over your life and experience more pleasure by making better choices. I hope that browsing through this website will provide you with information that will help you make this important decision.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.


Dr. Amira Simha-Alpern


*Adapter from Shedler (2010)

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